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VGA signal converter for Tektronix 308 Data Analyzer


I got a Tektronix 308 Data Analyzer from taobao some time ago during the period I was fond of playing old electronics devices. Well, this creature was born almost in the same year as I was. Everything works well except that it did not come to me with signal input accessories. Since there is maintenance manual available, not much reverse effort is required to DIY its data acquisition connectors. The connectors seem to be privately made and cannot be found now by its part number. But I can directly hook the pins from PCB board. When I opened its box, I noticed that there are only 4 wires to the CRT module. Interestingly I watched the signals on OSC and found that it’s something like VGA signal and I started to study details related to VGA.

It’s a FPGA work and here goes some quick photos.

LCD and Tektronix 308

Tektronix 308: 224×200 at pixel clock 4.6666Mhz

LCD RGB: 320×240 at pixel clock 12.5Mhz

VESA: 640×480 at 75Hz vertical frequency

Technical Notes

  • Design Presentation (In Progress)
  • Source Code (TODO)
  • Design Notes (TODO)
    • Digital signal sampling (Tek308VgaSignal)
    • Multiplexer for reading RAM with a single read port (ReadRamMux)
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