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Opening Note

Some time ago, I came across a web site of an electronics enthusiast, http://elm-chan.org/. I did even follow his techniques of crazy wiring directly on legs of ICs with enameled wires. I tried this on a couples of ICs. Although I gave up later and switched back to homebrew PCB. The passion and fun of Chan’s works inspired me greatly…

Well, to show my passion, here goes some examples of directly soldering ICs in TQFP and QFN package. I even tried BGA with 256 legs and gave up finally due to too many wires.


Note that I got back to this, single side PCB prototype board whose via’s are connected by enameled wires and pins are labeled on PCB.


这个博客就用来记录一个Geek的足迹,模仿Chan的风格。MSN Spaces当它在的时候倒很久懒得去更新,想写点东西却已经去得无影无踪。老早写的博客还有些能在豆瓣上找到。旧的不去,新的不来啊。最近开始的,另外一个关于生活的,关于厨房和旅行的博客,Cook’s Life Lab,哈哈。希望厌倦的那一天晚点到来吧。

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